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white label social media management agency

Why does your company need a white label social media management Agency?

4.55 billion people worldwide use some form of social media and our white label social media management Agency will help you to take advantage of it. It is equivalent to more than half of the entire world population. Last year alone, 400 million users created new social media accounts. Therefore, social media management can no longer be an afterthought.

If your agency isn’t harnessing the power of social media to generate new leads, build your brand, and engage with your customers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It should be one of your agency’s top priorities for clients, and this service can help your business grow. An excellent white label social media management Agency  can help you excel in driving more traffic to your website and ultimately attract more customers with good resources.

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Social Strategy

Not every platform is right for every business. Identify the right channels for your customers and don’t waste time on the ones that don’t work.

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Job Design

Make your customers look great on social media with professional custom designs for every post on every channel.

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Create an Account

Anyone can create a social media account, but not everyone can create a successful account. We create and optimize client accounts.

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Daily Posts

Posts retain followers, but engagement increases followers. We can reach your target audience and direct them to your account.

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Content Planning

All good things start with a plan. All you need to give your clients the perfect social content plan is a thumbs up.

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Daily Coverage

Show your clients the benefits of investing in you and why your agency is great.


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How does a white label social media management Agency Work?

How does a white label social media management Agency Work?

white label social media management includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Based Advertising (SEM/PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Reputation Management. Ultimately, you’ll buy the services of a white label company and offer those services to your customers under their brand name. Whether you use any or all of these services. We provide services that make your brand shine in the eyes of your customers.

Our white label social media management Agency can help you grow

 Lay the groundwork with our talented team of white label social media management Agency.

Add or remove customers as needed.

There are no contracts and no minimum requirements. You can cancel at any time. Add or remove brands as needed.

Content that is easy to review and approve.

Makes it easy for clients to review content, leave feedback, request revisions, and approve published content.

All White Label

Build your panel with your logo, colors, and domain name. Allow customers to have a say, approve content, and provide direct feedback.

White-label dashboard for content review and approval.

Clients approve submissions through the White Label Dashboard. Our white label social media management Agency team handles all comments and revisions.

Complete white label.

Use our software as your company brand. Use your logo, colors, and domain name.


We do work. We take the credit for ourselves.

Deliver high-quality content to your customers promptly, every time.

Share a simple white label link with your customers.

Registration is not required. Your customers approve and rate your content through a secure link on your domain name.

Best white label social media management Agency Sales support

Our white label social media management Agency helps you grow your customer base. When we work with companies, we start with sales. When potential clients express interest in the social media management services (or other digital marketing services) we provide on their behalf, we contact a dedicated “digital marketing strategist.” We research the prospect and their top two or three competitors and have an initial conversation with the opportunity to understand their goals and how we can help. This entire process is carried out under the client’s brand name. They won’t realize they’re talking to a company representative, but they’ll think they’re talking to your company.

Expand Global Reach Expand Global Reach Bring Customer Loyalty Bring Customer Loyalty Smooth CRM Integration Smooth CRM Integration Flexible Engagement Models Flexible Engagement Models
Lower Cost Lower Cost Transparent Trackable Results Transparent Trackable Results Higher Conversion Rates Higher Conversion Rates 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
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What is white label social media management Agency?

white label social media management Agency provides services that your agency can easily resell as its service.


It means you can provide social media content services to your customers and generate recurring revenue without hiring more staff or figuring out the best process for delivering the service.


With a white-label social media content service like Wivro, you can add or remove clients without disrupting your in-house team.

Why use content management services to sell social media?

Suppose you don’t already offer social media content management services. In that case, you can submit your clients a complete social media content and marketing service to complement your SEO and advertising management services.

 As a brand, you always need fresh content for social media. Managing social media then offers an opportunity to generate more recurring revenue and build lasting relationships with your customers. It gives you more options to sell new services to your customers.

What sets us apart as a white label social media management Agency?

We uniquely combine a team of talented content creators with a white-label software platform for content planning, feedback, approval, and publishing. We specialize in white label content creation for digital agencies that want to offer social media content without training a team or investing in expensive software.

Is it ideal for agencies that already offer social media management?

Yes! For agencies already offering social media management services, we offer more than just cost savings.


It’s reliable and scalable, and you can add or remove clients as needed without straining or overwhelming your team. We also offer easy-to-use, white-label appointment scheduling and approval software that streamlines communications and reduces client feedback, resulting in significant time and cost savings (similar software is available for $100 per client).


Thanks to our straightforward pricing, you can finally offer your clients a social media package and know exactly what your profit margin is.

Who creates the content?

Our team consists of a talented social media manager and content creator with experience in creating engaging projects and headlines specifically for social media. They are excellent designers and gifted copywriters.


New clients are assigned a member of our team who takes the time to understand the brand, target market, client personas, brand personality, and brand guidelines. We always make sure that we produce quality content with the brand.


Together with our agency partners, we deliver our clients original, well-researched, personalized social media content tailored to the target audience and create an affinity and connection between the brand and its clients.

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