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WordPress Development Services

Harness the Power of WordPress Development Services Agency London

Wivro has in-house WordPress developers and web designers with extensive experience. We provide WordPress development Services, design, support, training, hosting, and security consulting for all versions of WordPress.

We offer WordPress hosting and put your business in our dedicated hosting environment with fast, professional, and reliable service from start to finish.

Our WordPress Development Services Include

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugins are developed to meet the needs of a specific organization or client and extend the functionality of the WordPress platform far beyond its standard features.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

WordPress Migration Service

Migrating a large corporate website from a well-known or custom CMS to WordPress can be quite challenging, both from technology (database, language incompatibility) and content and privacy (content formatting, metadata, GDPR, internal linking, etc. ) from the point of view.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress themes and custom developed to meet specific technical and UX/UI requirements, responsible for security, user privacy, SEO, and platform management convenience for marketers and webmasters.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

WordPress Hosting and Technical Support

For over a decade, we have been providing hosting, technical support, and maintenance of the WordPress platform to high-profile clients.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

Build a Complete Website with WordPress

Creating a blog with WordPress is easy, but creating a complex website that is efficient, secure, and works with an extensive database of users and content is another story entirely.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

WordPress Integration Service

With particular expertise in PHP and relational databases, we have completed complex integration projects between WordPress and 3rd party systems, services, and APIs such as CRMS, ERP, POS systems, and e-commerce.


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We Have Extensive Experience as Best WordPress Development Services Agency in London

Being the top WordPress Agency in London, We’ve designed and built WordPress sites for some of the UK’s most recognizable brands. We know that WordPress has no limits and how to get the most out of it.

Flexible WordPress Content Management System

Our WordPress site is very flexible in terms of the content management system. We offer our clients the freedom to create new page layouts and edit content without programming skills.

Our WordPress designers know how to put your brand values into the website that speaks for you. We are a London-based WordPress agency and VIP WordPress partner agency, recognized as an “Agency to Watch” in Econsultancy’s Top WordPress development services Agency in London.

Developing an Inspirational WordPress website for You

Our teams have been providing the best WordPress solutions. From designing a website to making a marketing plan, we offer a result-oriented, complete, and comprehensive plan that makes the website more popular among the targeted audience circle.

  • Website Designing
  • Design-oriented Development
  • Data-flow and efficient validations
  • Complete website testing and quality assurance
  • Make your product accessible worldwide.

A WordPress website has now become a brand face of business. Wipro is the best WordPress development agency London has to offer. Whether you’re looking to refresh the design, the WordPress development, or are looking for a team who can enhance your existing website, we are here.

Expand Global Reach Expand Global Reach Bring Customer Loyalty Bring Customer Loyalty Smooth CRM Integration Smooth CRM Integration Flexible Engagement Models Flexible Engagement Models
Lower Cost Lower Cost Transparent Trackable Results Transparent Trackable Results Higher Conversion Rates Higher Conversion Rates 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
WordPress Development Agency

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WordPress development agency London:

We offer our clients the best WordPress development services.



How much does it cost to create a WordPress website?

Creating a WordPress site requires experience. Fees vary widely, depending on the WordPress site you want to create. Let us know your design and development requirements, and we will give you a quote. Note that fees may vary from site to site. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

When should I choose a custom WordPress web design over a premium theme?

The main difference between premium themes and WordPress custom themes is that premium themes have the functionality and layout of WordPress. In contrast, a custom-designed website is a unique website with custom features. Therefore, premium themes require less investment than a custom WordPress site. Also, premium themes are suitable for small businesses that want to launch their website quickly. In contrast, custom websites are ideal for those who want more freedom regarding usability.

How much does it cost to create a website with WordPress?

Should I choose a custom WordPress site design over a premium theme?

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes, Wipro Design provides SEO services. We know that developing and designing a WordPress site is not enough to make it stand out. However, search engines play an important role in increasing the visibility of your website. Once your website is complete, we can discuss developing an SEO strategy with you if you wish. We work on two fronts to improve your organic search results: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

Can Wivro optimize my team's LinkedIn profile?

We are often asked this question. Your employees are the online representatives of your company. This means their LinkedIn profile is an important part of your company’s online presence.

We can help in some ways, including optimizing their profiles, posting information on their behalf, developing policies, and training them to ensure they use the platform properly.

In which regions do you provide web design services?

We are based in London and Surrey but have clients from the UK and US. Most of our clients are from the South East of England, but we also work with international clients. Wherever you are, you can contact our web design services.
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