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What is the Email Marketing Strategies for Mobile App Promotion?

Mobile apps are popping up worldwide, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There were more than 3 billion mobile internet users in the last year alone. As these numbers rise, it’s only natural that new mobile applications are constantly developing and improving. And with new apps being developed every day, business owners, bloggers, and other professionals are turning their attention to email marketing strategies.

After all, mobile isn’t just a trend. It’s a convenient way to stay relevant to the latest trends. As technology helps people build relationships with each other, businesses need to stay connected consistently. What better way to do this than with an app-related email marketing campaign?

But why are email marketing strategies so important? Despite the popularity of social media, email marketing is still the best way to connect with customers regularly. Internet users are more likely to have an email account and are also more likely to click on emails.

In addition to competing with algorithms and wanting users to see your social media posts, you can send newsletters knowing that email marketing provides a credible and targeted point of view. Also, email subscribers are people on your email list, so they want to see your content. This makes them ideal candidates for sales events.

Why are Email Marketing Strategies Important for Mobile Apps?

As competition in the app store intensifies, marketers use email marketing strategies to build their brand and increase user engagement. Email marketing is crucial for customer retention for many app marketers and SMBs: 81% rely on email to acquire users, and 80% use email marketing to retain valuable users.

Email marketing strategies are a way for marketers to regularly reach and profit from users. By informing customer activity, users can feel loyal while increasing their return on investment. Email marketing is also a more direct channel than social media. While the algorithms of social media channels determine whether your content gets in front of subscribers, email marketing will reach your customers’ inboxes unless you’re listable as spam. All users subscribe to the email and are the main target of your latest promotion

Different uses of Email Marketing Strategies for Mobile App Developers

There are several ways that app developers can use email marketing.

Acquire New Users.

Email marketing strategies are also an excellent opportunity to build genuine relationships with new users. You can use a welcome email to welcome new users, explain what they should do first, and help them complete their profile information. New users are encouraged to try the list of features available in the app.

Onboarding Users

The key to success is onboarding new app users early and frequently. Automatically send a series of “onboarding” and “onboarding” emails to let users learn about the app and build better relationships.

The User was Reserved.

Re-engage those who still have the app but have forgotten about it. When you introduce a new feature or release a new version of your app, please send an email to all users letting them know about the new feature.

Start analyzing data to understand why users abandon your platform. You can automatically flag users at risk of churn and offer services like better customer support or exclusive discounts. It increases the likelihood of retaining new users and solving problems with your application.

Improve Mobile App Ratings.

A mistake many apps make is asking users to comment when they launch the app. Unfortunately, this resulted in a poor user experience, and users were less likely to leave reviews because the app interrupted the user’s normal flow.

A better approach is to wait until the user has done something with the app or completed a predetermined task before asking for a rating. Send email reminders and encourage app reviews.

Promote Promotions and Rewards.

Use email marketing strategies to notify app users of coupons and special offers. Offer new users an incredible giveaway or exclusive promotion. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, like an industry report, a discount on a complementary product, or a chance to win a T-shirt. It increases engagement and turns new users into admirers.

Feedback and Feature Requests for the App

Ask people about the app and get feedback from what is already there. When they give feedback, tell their friends why they like the app.


Email marketing is often overlooked and pointless. A well-designed email marketing strategy campaign can increase your app’s conversion rate. So, it is a great channel to grow the audience for your app. 

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