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Is Laravel 9.16 is Better Than Any Other PHP Framework?

PHP framework Laravel web development services have taken the PHP community by storm. Laravel is going through a renaissance as the most popular server-side language today. PHP developers are going through a revival, and there is a reason why there are more than 1 14640 Laravel sites and why Laravel is the most popular server-side language in the PHP Framework community. The latest version of Laravel 9.16, with many new features, is now available – Laravel 9.16l frees you from Italian code and helps you create great applications with simple, expressive syntax. Development should be a creative experience you can enjoy, not one that hurts you. Enjoy the fresh air.

Laravel 9.16 provides a concise and elegant web development framework for PHP, freeing developers from complex coding. Laravel allows you to develop incredible applications with expressions and simple syntax. As a result, development becomes creative and less tedious. Laravel development has some unique features. It is customizable and easy to use. A wide variety of modules to suit your needs – the Laravel PHP framework simplifies everyday tasks used in various web projects. Big companies use it to expand their business.

Frameworks like Laravel 9.16 provide expressive and elegant syntax; Laravel 9.16 makes development a creative, fun, and enriching experience. It is a practical framework that facilitates everyday tasks in most networking projects, such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. In addition to being readily available, it provides the powerful tools needed for robust large-scale applications.

An expressive migration system, excellent rollover control containers, and highly integrated unit testing support provide the tools you need to develop any application.

Here we discuss some unique features of the Laravel 9.16 PHP framework and why it is better than previous versions.

Laravel PHP Framework

What New Features does PHP Framework Laravel 9.16 have?

Laravel 9.16 mainly has three new updates in it. These three new features are as follows. 

Incorporate the WhereHas method

The where has method can simplify the code for this use case.

CollectionModel::withWhereHas(‘products’, fn ($query) => $query->where(‘enabled’, true)->where(‘sale’, true)) .

If you want to learn more about this release, please visit the source and keep searching. We respect you because you want something new in everything.

User Authentication for Pusher

User authentication for Pusher is also essential in Laravel 9.16: in addition to channel authentication, Pusher has recently introduced connect-time authentication.

It means that the feature is designed to ensure that the person connecting to the WebSocket must be an authorized user of the application. It increases the level of trust of the connecting user and allows events to be sent to user connections based on the database ID instead of the usual socket ID.

Add UUID Test Helper

In Laravel applications, UUIDs are very useful when you don’t want to expose the ID of the dataset for security reasons. Still, on the other hand, when you have an extensive database and a small number of computing resources, their use is meaningful.

Please create a new folder inside the app folder and name it Traits. Now add a new PHP file in this folder named Uuids.php. Now add the below code in this newly created file.



namespace App\Traits;

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

trait Uuids



     * Boot function from Laravel.


    protected static function boot()



        static::creating(function ($model) {

            if (empty($model->{$model->getKeyName()})) {

                $model->{$model->getKeyName()} = Str::uuid()->toString();





     * Get the value indicating whether the IDs are incrementing.


     * @return bool


    public function getIncrementing()


        return false;



     * Get the auto-incrementing key type.


     * @return string


    public function getKeyType()


        return ‘string’;



Last Words

These are some new connotations of Laravel 9.16 that were not present in previous versions. This means coding will become easier and the final product will be more complex than before. Find the best team to integrate Laravel 9.16 features into your project. Contact us

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