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Internet Marketing Consultant London

Best Internet Marketing Consultant London

In this article, we talk bout internet marketing consultant London. As you know, from painting to photography, from photography to cinema, and from cinema to our hands with the Internet on mobile phones. The world changes and evolves, just like traditional marketing.

 Rooted in its origins to get to know companies and propose specific strategies now, after the arrival of the Internet and social networks into our lives, it has evolved and has brought with it a new modality, digital marketing, and, therefore, agencies arrive of digital marketing like ours, name Wivro.

Brands have seen the need to adapt to these new media and their codes so as not to be forgotten and to keep in touch with those who were already their customers. This is where the work of digital marketing agencies comes in, which try to identify how the communication between company and client can be more effective through the current media and, thus, satisfy the needs that they present. . The intention with which this area operates is the same, to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to give the best results, but now we have to adapt to a new cyber world.

Digital Marketing Development in London

London is known as the metropolis where creativity and innovation arise with more affluence in all of Europe. If this is not the superpower of advertising in the European continent, it is not another. But the truth is that this is due to several very simple and, at the same time, key factors for this recognition to have been given.

The historical tradition, the cultural richness, the magnitude of diverse cultures, races, and ethnic groups, as well as the diversity are some of the factors that have made it possible for this place to be so explosive and creative. So, the development of advertising has had a positive environment to grow and develop. When we talk about development with social networks and the Internet, things are not very different. In this post, we will learn about the characteristics of digital marketing and what it can bring us. At the same time, we will know some of the most important digital marketing companies in London.

Characteristics and results of Digital Marketing

The benefits of the use and use of this modality are multiple and very varied.

First of all, thanks to digital marketing, we can obtain measurable results. This is, in turn, the main advantage of this area, and it is that thanks to the analytical tools, we can monitor the return on investment much more precisely.

On the other hand, we find that digital media allow us to know the results of a campaign at the same moment in which said the campaign is launched. The feedback that the public gives us is, therefore, very important. Linked to this, we find the global reach, and that is that thanks to the Internet and social networks, we can now expand our margin of action and reach more places than ever, thus having a much greater reach. In addition, thanks to social networks, brands manage to generate stronger ties and closer ties with their audiences; a community (followers) is built who know our news at the moment thanks to these platforms, and therefore customer loyalty is achieved.

Finally, thanks to the use of the tools that digital marketing brings with it, we can better adapt and address the chosen target; There is, therefore, precision with the target that was not possible before with traditional marketing. Now we can choose the platform (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok…) on which we want to expose our campaign and thus make sure, to a greater degree, who it will reach.

Before concluding with this section, it is important that we expose some of the tools that are used in digital marketing in order to be more effective in the tasks of our activity:

  1. Web Analytics: these are applications that help us to know the status of our website or campaigns, such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.
  2. Paid Media: these are the digital advertising and communication media in which advertisers pay to publish their ads. In this case, we find an example of Google Ads, PPC, or Bing Ads.
  3. Social Media: this tool will help us, as its name indicates, to control and examine our social networks. We can do it through applications such as Hootsuite, Later, and All Hashtag.
  4. Design tools that allow us to be more professional and precise in our tasks. For this, some apps are used, such as Photoshop, Canvas, Unsplash…

Internet Marketing Consultant

Wivro Internet Marketing Consultant London

In our company Wivro we are clear about it, and we must watch over our clients through all possible platforms and try to maximize their benefits by analyzing their advantages and correcting their weaknesses with effort and patience. That is why we offer a wide variety of digital marketing services, such as email marketing, .where the company’s advertising is sent through email, and it reaches the potential client directly. Our main objective is not to bore or saturate since what we want to achieve and what we set as our reason is to convert and build loyalty. We offer this service for companies that have just started (StartUps) and want to increase control of their campaigns and know the status of their web pages, also for SMEs and finally for large companies, which due to their size, may be costlier to control all the factors and so they need help to do so. In case someone was not entirely clear about the plan that best suits your company, you can request a personalized shipping plan through our website, and in less than 24 hours, the client will receive his report to know and dispel his doubts.

Closely linked to this technique are pay-per-click campaigns in Google Shopping. With this strategy, what we intend is to increase the profitability of our clients from the creation and optimization of Google Shopping campaigns to increase sales of those products that present more profitability.

Secondly, at Wivro, we also take care of organic positioning in search engines, a task that is already known and nicknamed SEO or SEM, although these are slightly different. On the one hand, we achieve that the companies that hire our services receive a remarkable positioning after searching for their domain name in search engines. In this way, users will not need to scroll through the immensity of the results to be able to find our client, but it will be one of their first results. That is the job of SEO, while in SEM, we focus on paid search engine advertising campaigns. With both strategies, we were able to position ourselves at the top of the searches, something extremely important in this well-known “digital age” since the truth is that users do not want to spend hours and hours searching the infinity of the web and will always choose their first five answers. As we emphasize on our website: “to exist on the Internet, it is not only necessary to have a website, but also that your website be visible and well positioned in search engines.” At Wivro, we will ensure that your company is among those five.

Digital Marketing Agencies in London

Next, we will know two digital marketing agencies in London.

Blue Horn Technologies – We Are Marketing

Blue Horn Technologies is a digital marketing agency in which the 360º model is used to give rise to its services. Its strong or noteworthy points are the study of the profiles of companies in the sector and the confluence of strategies, technology, and creativity.

Unlike other agencies, Blue Horn Technologies claims that they have found the necessary DNA to operate in this new digital era, while the rest of their colleagues try to learn from within to survive, but they do not understand the origin of digital marketing and what makes it so special.

Among some of its services, we highlight the following:

  1. Marketing strategies. They know first-hand that digital transformation is necessary to face future challenges and opportunities. They optimally combine technology and processes to access a wide variety of data that communicates whether the company is on the right track.

Within their marketing strategies, they point out: Branding, Digital Customer Experience, Sales Enablement, and Inbound Marketing.

  1. Design and Development. Through the creation of personalized creative pieces, they generate solutions that empathize, get involved, and connect with the client.

For this, they use Web Development, Design Thinking, UX, E-Commerce, Mobile & Web Apps, and Communities.

  1. Marketing 360º. Thanks to the 360º approach, personalized, unified, and coherent strategies are created with which to work more effectively. In addition, the tools to achieve the client’s objectives and measure the results are put into operation. In this way, it is achieved that the users of the brand become satisfied customers.

Use is made of: Search (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Digital PR, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Paid Media.

  1. Scaling Technology. Finally, among its services, the use of CRM and marketing automation platforms stands out to make the work of business processes more efficient and improve customer acquisition and loyalty.

The complementary tools to this work are CRM, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP), The Internet of Things (IoT), and Marketing Automation.

Trait Media (LTD)

We now expose the creative digital marketing agency Trait Media, which has several offices throughout the United Kingdom (London, Newquay, and Cornwall). This agency sets itself apart by emphasizing its love for people, places, and culture, among others. Claiming that they help SMEs, start-ups, and brands to integrate effective strategies into their business model (in the digital world), let’s learn a little more about their services.

  1. Creative Design. Using the latest technologies and a wide range of creative and graphic design, motion graphics, informational design, and animation for print, screen, and web to highlight your brand.
  1. Web Development. With excellent applications and quality websites designed with the intention that the brand thrives and grows effectively.
  1. Media Production. With the creation, by the agency, of video, audio, photography, and animation content in its studio in the United Kingdom, it expanded worldwide. Transmission, recording, editing, and composition are also carried out on their own.
  2. Marketing and Consulting. Including social media marketing tools, content marketing, engine optimization (SEO), and email spam, Trait Media’s team of professionals specializes in helping clients.

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