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What attributes do clients need in a good website design and development service?

Both web design and development services have attributes that make them apart from each other. Developers use programming languages ​​to create the core structure, while designers focus on visual creativity and user needs. Developers use their programming skills to bring designers’ creative visions to life. Think of developers as builders and web designers as architects. Both are necessary skills, but they are different skills.

We’ll explain the different types of good website design and development teams in more detail later, so you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your website.

The main tasks of a Good Website Design Service

  • Use software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer, and Sketch to create the final layout of a good website design.
  • Knowledge of graphic design and logo design
  • Have a good understanding of user experience to find the easiest way to achieve the desired functionality. It includes the site’s layout, buttons, images, and general formatting.
  • Web designers need to keep up with the latest design trends. It’s also essential to keep the consistent design common across other web giants like Google and Facebook. Users can navigate with it quickly and use the website’s environment and interface, as it is already familiar to the user’s eyes.
  • Web designers should also pay attention to the website’s branding, the shades used, typography, and readability.

The main tasks of a Good Website Design & Development Service

  • Build the virtual interface where the user interacts with the website. This interface is created by front-end developers using HTML, CSS, and JS languages.
  • Front-end developers can use style preprocessors, javascript libraries, and frameworks to speed up development (see the previous article).
  • The front-end developers hand off the markup design to the backend developers to implement a dynamic website and pass all the necessary data to the server and database.
  • Backend developers use languages ​​like PHP and MySQL to create the backbone of a website.
  • Front-end and backend developers have access to the same development environment (IDE: Integrated Development Environment). These are software applications that allow you to code and structure your website.
  • Web developers can also use version control tools to keep track of previous versions. If needed, it allows them to quickly and easily revert to an earlier “non-hacking” version.


Tasks that Good Website Design Services Perform?

User Experience (UX) Designer.

UX is also known as user experience in good website design and development. It’s about how users feel and want after using a developed device, such as software or a car. Simply put, it’s about whether the user can use the work as the developer intended”.

User interface (UI) designer

User interface (UI) design refers to graphics, illustrations, photographs, and creative typography to enhance the display and layout of digital products on different device views.

Visual design.

Don’t confuse graphic designers with visual designers. They are a mix of user interface and graphic designers. The job of a visual designer is to make the final product attractive.

Tasks that a Good Website Design & Development Service Performs?

Front-end developer.

The part of a website design that directly interacts with the user is called the front end. It is also known as the “client” of an application. It includes everything the user perceives directly, such as text color and style, images, graphics, and many other attributes of the front end in javascript language. The two main goals of the front end are responsiveness and performance. The developer must ensure the working of the website. It is up to the development service to look out for any kind of bugs, abnormally, regardless of screen size.

Backend developer.

The backend is the server-side of a website. It stores and organizes data and makes sure everything works properly on the client-side of the website. This is the part of the website that you cannot see or interact with. It is the part of a good website design that is not in direct contact with the user. 

Backend designers develop components and functionality that users access indirectly from front-end applications; activities such as writing APIs, creating libraries, working with system components without a user interface, or scientifically programmed systems are also included in the backend. The backend consists of writing APIs, creating libraries, working with system components without a user interface, and scientifically programmed systems.

Full-stack developer

A full-stack web developer can design a complete web application or website. They are responsible for the front-end, back-end, database, and debugging of a web application or website.


Judging from the above-given information, it is clear that web development and designing are not the same things. Good website design and development professionals have different things to look after when manufacturing a website. 

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